At Last The Kurt Tippet Saga finishes! Or maybe just for now!

Star young controversial full forward Kurt Tippet has been officially picked up by the Sydney Swans in the pre season draft. The Saga can be seen to very similar to the one that occurred in the NBA with Dwight Howard. There are still unanswered questions though! He told his teammates via text that he would be leaving to Queensland to be closer to family, but in due course it was found he wanted the money and headed to the Premiers Sydney swans.


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Tweet of the week number 2

Try this now


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A great quote

Here’s a typical Kobe Bryant quote

“Irony. It’s funny how sports always seems to kind of have that connectivity in some shape, form or fashion. It just always seems to come full circle.”

On after achieving 30,000 points, a take that only three other players have achieved and kobe is the youngest to achieve it.


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Big dunk, WOW…..

Here’s a dunk worthy of a watch! From someone you wouldn’t expect to throw down
Check it out ASAP

Byron Mullens from the Charlotte Bobcats or maybe the soon to be Charlotte Hornets once again.

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Tweet Of The Week

Never thought I would i say I agree with Skip Bayless!
But here we go


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Game Recap: The 12-4 Edition

This Post is Courtesy Of The New York knicks podcast, if your a nba fan check it out now

The Knicks beat the Suns to maintain their Atlantic Division lead. About 6 minutes into the game the Knicks had built a big lead and seemed to get bored and decided to make things interesting. They let the Suns come back, then went up by 20, then let them come back again and so on. At the end a win is a win but it would have been nice to go up by 20 and then stay up by 20.

Speaking of going up by 20; this was the 8th time in 16 games the Knicks have had a 20 point lead.
Rasheed Wallace got a technical for yelling “Ball Don’t Lie” which resulted in his ejection.
JR Smith had another terrible game. He was also on twitter at 2 and 4am. I’m noticing a trend here.
Copeland had a career high in every category. If Camby and Thomas can’t stay on the court it looks like the Knicks have another option.
Dragic is 13th in the league in assists per game. Imagine how many he’d average if he didn’t have to pass to Morris and Beasley.
The Knicks had 7 turnovers all game and only one in the 2nd half. They also forced 17. Lines like that are going to win a lot of ball games.
I thought Stern was about to fine the Suns for resting their players until I realized that’s their actual team.
Felton has been on a tear since the New Jersey Nets of Brooklyn game. Portland fans have to be getting pissed.

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Knicks Win Because That is What They Are Supposed to Do!!!

This Post is Courtesy Of The New York knicks podcast, if your a nba fan check it out now

The Knicks won by 21 points tonight against the Bullets (I hate calling them the Wizards). The game was never really close and the Knicks did what they are supposed to do, show no mercy on lesser opponents. It is hard to remember a time when the Knicks consistently blew out their opponents. There is more I could say about the Knicks performance but instead I am just going to spend the rest of this recap insulting the Bullets/Wizards.

-David Stern announced big sanctions coming against Washington for playing the actual guys on the roster.
-Washington thought they had a chance tonight because they misread the inactive and active list and thought they would be playing against Jason Kidd by himself…and, even then, they only thought they had a chance.
-Washington is nicknamed the Wizards because it would take an actual Wizard to turn this franchise around.
-The Wizards are so bad that they have been asked to replace the Generals so the Globetrotters can have an easier opponent.
-How can the Wizards cut Blatche and actually get worse?
John Wall is not injured he is just too embarrassed to play for this club.
-The Wizards are the only thing in Washington more dysfunctional than Congress.
-In an effort to avoid any false advertising the Wizards have removed the word “professional” from all team marketing materials.
-The Wizards are so terrible that they would have been a definite loss for last year’s Knicks.
-Washington is doing a great job this season making their argument for league contraction.


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